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On November 13, 2021 at 8:27PM EST Gneen wrote:

(sad face) ... apparently I am not yet sufficiently 1337 ... so may I suggest a collaboration of sorts ... things that "may" be clues?


front cover "wheels" on left and right that appear to translate the numbers 1-12 into something??


the strange design at the bottom of page 3

I'm going on the assumption that I need to answer the question Where did the cat learn to speak 1337? ... my best try so far has been the "13373r box" to no avail ...

For M: working the two Master Theorem books has been a joy - by far my favorite "puzzle books" of all time. Thank you (and the TMT team) for these incredible time-wasters! Only thing that could be better was the binding on the Elite volume ... my pages are all over the place!

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