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Are there solutions to the logic puzzles in the puzzle book?

Complete solutions for each logic puzzle, or Theorem, are in the back of the puzzle book. But a few words of advice:

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Sometimes you might think you have the right answer to a Theorem, but are still a few steps away. To avoid any unwelcome spoilers, I recommend always first checking to see if your solution is right or not with my high-tech solution checker. If it gives you the go ahead, then feel free to indulge in the full solution in the back of the puzzle book. If you can’t check the answer online because you only have spotty internet access as you’re traveling through Siberia on a secret mission (that happens to other people, too, right?), at least decode all three hints to the logic puzzle first to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

Each Theorem will also show which page in the puzzle book its solution is on. I recommend getting there by tightly flipping through the corners of the pages to find the right page number before fully opening the book. Solutions aren’t encoded like my hints, so don’t chance seeing something you’ll wish you hadn’t (though that always makes for an exciting holiday).

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